Fine Facial Features — the curious case of the ENFJ

Andreas Hofer
3 min readMay 23, 2022


I don’t usually enjoy writing about specific MBTI types. However, recently a post of mine on quora about what ENFJs look like got deleted, so I decided to write about ENFJs here. When I learned about MBTI it was the ENFJs in my life I was able to identify first. In a way, it wasn’t too hard, because basically all of my romantic interests in my life (not that there had been that many) had been ENFJs. Yes, ENFJs do have certain facial features. ENFJs are said to be the ideal partners for INFPs(me)/INTPs. However, ENFJs are almost universally in demand, which makes it even harder for INXPs to find their 3% of the population who are considered ideal partners. Male ENFJs include George Clooney, Morten Harket, Harry Styles and Patrick Swayze. Female ENFJs include Evangeline Lilly, Zendaya

(both commonly typed INFJ), Fran Drescher and Emma Watson (usually typed something completely different).

While I have never learned to type properly by cognitive functions, I was intrigued to find out on the web that people claimed that it is possible to type by face. While I was incredulous at first, of course, I found that there was something about ENFJs that made them stick out. I started reading books about face reading, both ancient — Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM) — and recent ones. ENFJs are a combination of water (femine/F) and metal (NJ) in TCM. Like all NFs, ENFJs have heart-shaped faces (clearly visible in the face above), with a twist, however. ENFJs have slightly angular features visible at their high cheekbones and angular chins, which are quite broad and “sharp” for women. While angular features are usually a masculine trait, ENFJs have plenty of feminine features: wide mouth, full lips (oestrogen) and big round eyes with curved eyebrows.

While Pablo Picasso is usually typed ESFP or ENFP, this self-portrait of his does correspond very closely to my mental template of an ENFJ.

I have to admit face typing isn’t an exact science, but my hit rate for ENFJs is quite high. Whenever I see someone in a TV show or movie I think might be an ENFJ I check them out on the Personality Database. For example, Deadpool’s girlfriend Vanessa is typed INFJ. While I can’t tell the MBTI type of the character, I can tell that the actress is an ENFJ.

Btw, ENFJs are frequently typed INFJ or self-type themselves as introverts. And while I have seen ENFPs and ENTJs being called the most introverted extroverted type, in my experience it is ENFJs, who can be almost as mysterious as IN types. Here are some more ENFJ faces

For more on face typing check out my book Evolutionary Symmetry — Face and Body Typing : What our bodies reveal about our temperaments and evolutionary past

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