• nancy bowen

    nancy bowen

    Fairness, human rights & laughter, I think for myself, avid MSNBC, Olbermann, John Fugelsang, Beatles, John Clark, Jack Reacher fan #UniteBlue

  • Nojus Tumenas

    Nojus Tumenas

    Evangelist, Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, involved in scientific research. Support me by buying me Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/nojustumenas38098

  • Thom Hartmann

    Thom Hartmann

    America’s #1 progressive talk show host & NY Times bestselling author. Thom’s writings now appear at HartmannReport.com.

  • The Misfit Farmer

    The Misfit Farmer

    Writer of agricultural humor, which is more sophisticated than farm humor, but less corporate than agribusiness humor.

  • NESS Behavior Consulting

    NESS Behavior Consulting

    NESS was created to increase parents’ awareness of their essential roles in their child’s educational process and help educators meet the needs of all kids! 😎

  • Mesmer Gebrealfa

    Mesmer Gebrealfa

  • Verity Amare

    Verity Amare

    City-girl. Jetsetter. Ghost hunter. Psychology nerd. Lover of human connection. Catch flights, not feelings!

  • Aman Parkash

    Aman Parkash

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